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Hi everyone,
my name is Anita Jürgensen.
I am an interdisciplinary creator based in Flensburg.
My work includes product-photography, film production and graphic design.
I studied B.Sc. Media Informatics at the Hochschule Flensburg, through which I got the chance to
cooperate with several local creators and partners, with whom I keep collaborating up to this day.
Besides that, I give workshops for children and teens, in which we produce films and I help them
discover the opportunities of the mediatic industry.
I am addicted to bright colors, high contrast and geometric shapes, as reflected in my
illustrations, GIFs and animations.
I am always up for a new project, especially if I get the chance to work with interesting people and
get inspired by them.
If you are down for a new fun project, hit me up!




QuadPics | 2018-2021

Ghosttrip Merch-Shooting | 2020

Private Projects | 2020

Illustration-Trio | 2020