SportMallekid X Firebirds
DokuSeebrücke Demo 2021
MusicArcane X Mascha - Tides


The Firebird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land, a treasure that is rare and difficult to possess.

From the birth of an idea to a creation. And in between? An endless amount of space for teamwork, art, music, technology. Space for everything and anything, limited only by the boundaries of our imaginations. The motivation to think outside the box by coming together and combining one’s strengths – that is how new worlds emerge. This is Firebird Productions.

Our Company is a collective of professional film- and music makers in the field of concepts, camera, light, sound, music and post production, based in Flensburg, Germany.


Producer | DoP | Editor | Drone Pilot
Videographer | Editor | Design Research
Director | Camera | Editor | Branding
Sound | Music | Foley
Producer | DoP | Editor | Drone Pilot


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